Film shooting

Anyone know what they are shooting in the neighborhood?

I was wondering the same. I drove by a few times today but never got a glimpse of anything or anyone I recognized.

Don’t know what the film is, but Kinney Ave Prescool sent this note to daycare parents.

" I believe they are scheduled to use our lots an additional 2-3 times within the next couple of months. "

Yeah they were using the back parking area at fibercove for crew parking. Also noticed East Side Kings area was blocked off. And folts. Seemed to be a bigger shoot than just some commercial - thus the curiosity :slight_smile:

It’s a Norwegian teen TV series called SKAM, (“Shame”)

I’m not even kidding. Why they are shooting in the Zilker neighborhood I don’t know, but so far all the people have been very pleasant. They will be here for a day or two a week for several months I understand.

Marcellina on Treadwell.

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Interesting! I’ve never heard of the show, but the Wiki link is definitely insightful. I don’t know if any of y’all are familiar with “Degrassi,” but “Skam” sounds like a modernized variant of it: “Degrassi” is Canadian and focused on similar subject matter, and it ran for at least a decade total.

OTOH “Skam” has been entirely set in Oslo to date, and you’ll have to trust me that Austin has basically zero similarity to it in terms of landscape, architecture, extremely tall natural blond people or anything else.

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