Exactly. Public streets are for the public

I like this sign! I assume you share my pet peeve about homeowners who attempt to claim the street spots in front of their house as “theirs.” (These same people seem to also routinely forget that the city owns six feet of right-of-way extending from the curb towards their house.)

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True. But since property taxes actually DO fund every City project including streets, and if you’re in Zilker (where for some reason we don’t have restricted parking already since we get mobbed as much as alot of neighborhoods that have residential parking permits) you pay 3x-4x the taxes as places outside the core,… I can see why some people would feel entitled to a spot. Solution? How 'bout we build cool parks all over the City and have concerts / festivities in those too.

Actually, the solution for many things is to get people out of their cars. Build more density to provide more walkable services. Build more density in housing to enable the numbers needed to support services within walking distance. Build more infrastructure to allow people to get around town and to Austin’s major park without having to get in their car. More bikes. More electric scooters. More transit options. More pedestrian / bike lanes. Then parking becomes a thing of the past. And eliminate any and all parking requirements for developers.

Every home in Zilker has a driveway and most a garage. What is happening that someone would require an extra permanent spot on a public street?

Jimmy on Wright

Where exactly is Zilker consistently “mobbed” by people who don’t live in the 'hood? The Black Sheep Lodge, sure, but it’s had RPP in place for quite some time now. To my surprise, the streets around Lamar Union (where I live) actually aren’t used for outsider parking often – I’m guessing because it has adequate parking for all the Drafthouse moviegoers at all but a handful of exceptional events (e.g. the opening of a new Star Wars or Avengers movie). I suppose Collier gets some spillover whenever that brunch place Snooze is particularly busy – and there was a recent discussion on the Zilker Nextdoor board about people illegally parking on Azie Morton before the city installed new sets of no-parking signs – but aside from these entry points there aren’t many other easy entryways into the area. (Events at Zilker obviously excepted from all of the above.)

In any event, you already stated a solution: RPP. If any block truly has a routine parking issue, all they need to institute RPP is signatures from 50% of a given block’s residents. (That said, I agree with JP that the long-term solution is to eliminate cars, and thus the need for parking, to the fullest extent reasonable.)

Every home in Zilker has a driveway and most a garage. What is happening that someone would require an extra permanent spot on a public street?

You might be surprised how many people have converted their garages into some sort of utility room or extra space – albeit illegally in some cases (e.g. off-book as far as TCAD is concerned). Some streets in Zilker – ones not near any attractions for non-residents – seem to be pretty consistently jammed with parked cars on one or both sides of the street. Hether just east of Bluebonnet is one that comes to mind. IIRC Rabb Glen also has some problems with illegal conversions of this nature.

Virginia Ave every single event

Wow - reviving a thread over three months old. Great memory!