Events @ Zilker Park

FYI - next Zilker Vision Planning meeting is tomorrow. You can register here: Meeting Registration - Zoom

Zilker NA passed a resolution with specific talk points that they will be using on Tuesday, which you can see below.

If you love Blues on the Green, ACL, I would highly suggest taking a few minutes to email with your thoughts or join the conversation tomorrow @ 6pm.

ZNA passed a resolution on Aug 2nd and will be offering the following message points as guidance. Most important is for all to participate and to offer whatever messages about programming and events you wish. Thank you for your efforts to guide the Zilker Park Planning Process!

ZNA Resolution:
Whereas the City of Austin is conducting outreach for opinions regarding the Zilker Park Vision Plan; and

Whereas ZNA has a strong interest in this plan and strong opinions about the Park; and**

Whereas ZNA has been attending and participating in this outreach; and

Whereas the next Community Meeting is on August 10th, focused on “events and programming”;

Therefore, Be it Resolved that ZNA will provide the following 5 key message points as its key feedback to the upcoming Community Meeting(s):

  1. Don’t Commercialize Zilker
    Major large events (over 50 people) should be for the public, not for private enterprise. We are opposed to further commercialization of the Park. Existing events, including ACL, should do far more to protect and expand the natural features of the Park, stop repeatedly degrading it, and should reduce the duration of events as far as possible. Events should be spread around other city locations, not concentrated at Zilker.

  2. Make Zilker Much Safer
    Events specifically and the park generally need to be far safer for the public. Events should have more Park Police, Park Rangers, volunteer and paid as well as other staff present to enforce existing safety and environmental rules and create a safe and welcoming Park experience.**

  3. Maximize Non - Car Options and Minimize the Need for Parking
    Events should provide maximum non-car options (such as bike/ped, shuttle) and greatly lessen the need for parking.

  4. Don’t Sell Alcohol at Zilker on A Full Time Basis
    Alcoholic beverages should not be sold in the park except for those few events permitted as temporary.

  5. Focus on Environmental, Historic and Multi-Cultural Programming
    Programming should focus on environmental, historic and multi-cultural education.**