Code Violations Response

It looks like there is a consideration under way to prioritize code violations. It seems - from my reading - right now every violation is treated equally. Given calling in minor code violations is often used as a punitive response to development - it appears this might be a good thing? You can take the survey to give feedback here.

From that website:

The Austin Code Department is in the process of implementing a new process in the way they handle cases.
Historically, the Code Department has had one goal to respond to all code complaints. All of the cases had two working days to respond. In addition, cases had a compliance time to fix the violation of 107.

Our proposed strategic direction is the creation of what we call C-TERM, which stands for Code Tiered Enforcement Response Matrix. This prioritizes all complaint cases and standardizes expectations for inspector response time based on the level of potential threat to public safety. The compliance level also changes depending on the scale of the complaint.

Your feedback throughout our development of this process is important to us. Please take 20 minutes to fill out this survey and help us improve our processes.

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Just took the survey - really interesting! And amazing what can be a code violation. Who knew that leaving trash containers on the road was being treated the same as unsafe structure?

It only took a few minutes, and I bet the Code Department would love to see a variety of feedback about what should and should not be prioritized in our neighborhoods.

This is great and I encourage everyone to take it. One thing that I would point out, the “ranking” is from 1-5, with 1 being the HIGHEST priority. Review carefully before submitting :slight_smile:

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