Call 311 about parking signs

If you are not a fan of all these parking signs and restrictions in the neighborhood surrounding ACL please call or use the 311 app to report them. The new traffic pattern of shutting down Robert e Lee and Barton Springs making the main entrance on the west side has done more than anything else to eliminate festival traffic in the neighborhood. Please make sure your voices are heard!

Not sure where you live, but at the corner of Garner & Treadwell we are not lacking in heavy traffic from folks that do not live in this hood looking for parking. It amazes me when I tell someone that they will get a ticket for parking 10 feet from a stop sign and the say "Really?"
Really. I will call on them for creating a traffic hazard.

Evelise on Treadwell


Thanks for your input. I live on Melridge between bluebonnet and Robert e Lee. But I was just on a walk around the 'hood when I posted that. It seemed to me that there were a ton of street parking available on the side of the street without no parking signs.

One thing that I think is misunderstood by people is the amount of money the city spends putting all of these signs up. The friends of zilker through our member votes has suggested to the city that they use that money instead for neighborhood infrastructure improvements.

They suggested that wet should call 311 when the signs were erected to reflect that. So my post was to encourage just that. Please call 311 if you agree and make sure your voice is heard.

Unless it changed recently, the law is you can’t park within 30 feet of a stop sign. I know because I got a ticket for doing it before I knew there was a law against it. I was visiting with a friend who lives at Trailside & BHD last night. We watched a motorcycle cop stop and write a ticket for someone who parked too close to the stop sign there.

It was great listening to that airplane all afternoon as it flew over and over around Zilker and over my home for hours advertising Trojan condoms. Nice that it took it a while to circle. The second one flying at the same time screwed up the brief respites from the droning noise. I guess the concert goers couldn’t hear it because the music was louder. I don’t know what the plane is advertising today. It just flew over again.

I took a couple pics of the barricade out front yesterday.

It’s a lot like this even when there is no ACL except there is no barricade. Note the car closest to the barricade. I forget what state it was from but it sure ain’t Texas. The cops can’t really know if they are just visiting some friends so nobody gets towed. If they did, the wreckers would have a real field day.

One of the planes was asking so me one to marry them. So awful

And simultaneously another was suggesting family planning and marital joy.

Hah hah. That’s great. The rainbow burns bright!

Never saw that banner. My experience down there is that you cannot hear the drone of circling banner planes with all the bleed over of 8 stages nor did I ever notice them. But since I don’t go anymore, I certainly notice them all day long now, argh!!
Evelise on Treadwell