Brodie Oaks Crane Demonstration

Great perspective on the “crane demonstration” happening Friday AM at the Brodie Oaks Shopping Center:

I think this is particularly relevant:

But here’s the thing — the Brodie Oaks shopping center as it looks now with its oceans of parking is almost entirely paved, with the center’s current impervious cover at approximately 84 percent. The redevelopment of the property under the planned unit development now in progress would reduce that number to around 54 percent, with nearly 14 acres of open space in the finished project. This is accomplished through density, by building up instead of out, and it’s fantastic for the environment compared with the current sprawled-out state of the shopping center.

And of course, if you want to submit your totally normal, not impacted in any away views tomorrow, the web form is here: Google Forms: Sign-in

The one area I’ve always felt we could maybe get some consensus is the idea of reduced floor to area ratio and increased heights - why is this not seen as a win win? You can get more density while preserving green space and reducing impervious cover!

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