Austin Java on BSR closing - to be replaced by unknown Irish pub

I can’t recall if we’ve discussed it on here, but homeowners aren’t the only ones affected by gentrification and a lack of housing density:

To be fair, Austin Java’s gone seriously downhill in recent years – both in terms of food/coffee quality as well as service – but still. I’m curious if all the anti-CodeNEXT folks have considered the idea that high commercial / retail rents oftentimes result in restaurants that sell booze being the only economically viable businesses in central locations. (Again to be fair, Austin Java did eventually sell booze, but I doubt they sold much of it given that most folks associate it with coffee and food.)

On the brighter side, let’s hope whatever this new pub turns out to be serves some quality Guinness!

Maybe Fado’s will resurrect here. I can dream…

@mhaight we simultaneously had the same dream.