Artista Rosso Market Soft Opening Aug 1

I spied the new market in Lamar Union with a soft opening sign up. Looks nice. Same draft beer wall as the previous market. Added crepes, espresso, wine wall.

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Thanks for sharing! Do you know what is going in next to the Bluebonnet Market? I heard a bakery??

It’s a bakery, but they won’t have a storefront. Just to sell to other stores. That’s what the guys at the B.B. Market told me.

Not true. The Thoroughbred Bakery will sell retail “to go” loaves of bread etc. The sourdough bread is to die for. Can’t wait for Ryan to open! The city has been tough to deal with, making him install a full commercial kitchen even though he will only use convection ovens.


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Very nice! That sounds amazing. Fresh baked breakfast goods ( croissants, bagels, pan-o-chocolate, muffins ) would be amazing too. Either way fresh baked good for the win - very excited! Ever thought of a beer garden behind it in the grassy area next to bluebonnet market :wink:

Oh that’s great news :slight_smile: Very exciting!

reynolds wrote:

I heard a commercial kitchen.


Wait - we have a “spy” in our midst??

Moonlight Bakery is only a couple of blocks away if you can’t wait.

Cool - yeah in my experience moonlight isn’t big on the french pastries - but maybe I’ll have to have another look :slight_smile:

“Bluebonnet Market” ? Are we talking about the convenient store on Bluebonnet & Anita? Is the laundromat going?

In the building that is Peach Realty - they sub divided a portion out.

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We are renting one half of our Kaleido Properties office building to a friend of our son, Ryan Goebel, to put in his bakery. You will love his bread, cookies and whatever else he comes up with.

Moonlight Bakery has delicious poppy seed strudel!


Cynthia and Peach

My wife and I were just wishing for a bakery or some type of cafe instead of a laundromat… pretty excited to hear about this.

The bakery isn’t replacing the laundromat, but is going in half of our Kaleido Properties office space, which is the building next door to the Bluebonnet Food Mart.


Cynthia and Peach

Yes, I understand, but at the time we hadn’t even considered the pink building as an option :slight_smile: