Another one bites the dust?

Wish I could say this is surprising, but the place has almost always been nearly empty, plus it never really seemed clear on its basic concept. “Mandala” is a name that connotes quite a few things, but none of them are realistically Vietnamese & Thai food.

At least TLC seems to be doing well.

It says A.R. Market I assume that’s artista rosa market. But I hope I am wrong!

Aw crap - it is Artista Rosso! I misread the street address, but upon closer inspection it’s Suite 1105, which is the one occupied by them and formerly Delicious.

Right. Sorry should have specified …

Looks like they are back open?

They are back open. I was in there yesterday. I’m not sure of the nature of it, but apparently there was a pretty heated argument b/w the owner of The Market and the management of the Lamar Union complex. Those were the only details I got. Somehow it appears to be resolved.