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Hey all. This is your one stop shop for ACL communications. Will be posting what we get from PARD/ATD/C3…

Thanks @jimmy! This is pretty useful:

Interactive 2017 Zilker Park Area Schedules

Here are the latest docs I received from Jason Maurer w/ CoA. I’ll continue to post more as they are sent our way. Please let me know if you have questions.

Just want to share this specific link:

That’s the map of Zilker / Barton Springs Road / Mopac, etc. Because Barton Springs will be the main entrance to ACL this year, the closures are slightly more impactful.

Likewise, access to Robert E. Lee will be more limited this year. Hopefully that will stop some of the event parking that was troublesome last year. Don’t forget you can call 311 if you are having an ACL related issue!

I had issues with it over the weekend because they threw up a chain link advertising fence destroying the aesthetic appeal of the park and denied access to the Great Lawn as well as other areas. I also have an issue with them closing REL because that’s my main access to Mopac, downtown and most places. It doesn’t do any good to call 311. Parking is a non-issue so that’s the one they focus on fixing. Weird how all these days of denied access to the park do not count. According to PARD/C3 (or is that C3/PARD?), ACL only takes 6 park event days total. According to my observation, they’ve already exceeded that and the event hasn’t even started. It must be the new math.

Just wanted to say thank you @jimmy for posting this! Now who is ready to groove in the salty swamp of ACL for the next two weekends. That’s right I’m going BOTH weekends! You better believe it! Already feeling that special feeling!

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I do not know what other people experienced or perceived during the first weekend of ACL 2017, but I think that the impact parking had on the neighborhood was very low. Yes there were many cars parked along almost every street within a mile of so of the park, but once again, the parking on only one side of the street made things more than tolerable. I would say that the only negative thing I experienced is that it is hard to see around the parked cars at some intersections - something that is sometimes a problem without ACL. I noticed that the one side of the street parking on Garner did no go as far south as it had in the past, and it did not have ANY negative impact as best I could tell. The fewer the signs the better in my opinion.

An interesting thing I saw on my street was that ACL goers were not very considerate of other ACL goers. By that I mean that the way some parked meant that only two cars got to park in an area that would easily accommodate three cars.

I would like to her what others thought about things. Myself, I will be emailing the powers that be at COA that I was very, very happy with how things went and that the EPP program is not necessary at all.

My thoughts exactly!

I had the same experience that you did. I’m on Wright and I saw just a couple of cars parking on our street, which is fine by me. It’s a public street after all :slight_smile: Bluebonnet was crowded, but I didn’t see any debaucherous or rude behavior, day or night. We went back and forth to Little Zilker park with my daughter during the day and near sunset a couple of times and didn’t have any traffic issues or feel like people were driving insane.

I still think permanent one side of the street parking on Kinney, like we have on Bluebonnet, would solve parking problems for a lot of folks in that area of the neighborhood. Plus make it easier to navigate Kinney without every meeting feeling like a game of chicken. That said, this is a problem every day, and not an event specific one, which is what Friends of Zilker has stressed to ATD , CM Kitchen and CoA during several different meetings.

Please do call the #s provided in this thread and let them know your opinion. It’s very valuable feedback!!

It seems to me that if there are unsafe things like parking too close to intersections, curves or on both sides of the street on certain streets, it should be a year round problem, not just for a few days of the year and permanent signs should up with those restrictions year round. Leave the rest alone.


Concurred on all counts. It seems like most of the complaints this weekend were about the banner plane flying too loudly and low. (Certain people were also clutching their pearls over the fact that one of the banners was an ad for condoms. Isn’t Zilker supposed to be progressive, not puritanical?)

Yeah, the same thing happens every morning and afternoon during school dropoff/pickup.

I thought they were advertising for the re-release of The Iliad. _0_/

Right. Areas that were most improved would be improved year round. Like Kinney should probably be no parking on one side of the street all the time.

I would much rather see a fund established for neighborhood improvements with the money spent on putting up and taking down these signs.

I will also say the changes to ACL fest itself constraining the entrance on the east side of Barton Springs rd made a huge difference.

That maybe the neighbors parking their 2 cars along the curb next to their house so they can squeeze friends in later.
We have also had friends get boxed in and not be able to leave till someone gets their car out of the way!

Yes I agree it was better this year.

Thanks for the feedback everyone! I’ll plan to pass these along to our contacts at PARD and C3 as well. Keep 'em coming!

The police presence was completely useless, as it didn’t stop anyone from coming into the 'hood to park. What a waste of resources. Better to spend more on trash and recycling cans at the bottom of the hills where people come back up to keep the trash out of our yards.

We definitely had our kids park their cars on the street to save our driveway for their friends.

Did anyone notice that the Bluebonnet cut-de-sac has no parking on one side when it’s one of the widest streets around? Silly.

They were about to tow my scooter on Sat in a location where they weren’t ticketing or towing Friday that didn’t have any signage.

I also saw posts about ticketing and towing on the other side of the river.

I think they were out and doing stuff, but inconsistently.

Jimmy, I’m new here and just posted in another thread about my experience last year during ACL. I live at Toomey Rd and S. Lamar (Cole apartments) and street closures kept me from driving home for 3hrs every night of the festival. Six nights last year (and very likely 6 nights again this year). If you have contacts who are truly interested in what neighborhood residents think, please pass along my experience (copied/pasted here):

…even with my ID as proof of residency, I was blocked from driving onto my property one evening during ACL. Turns out, I’m not allowed to drive my car onto my own street EVERY night of ACL. And since there’s no available parking nearby, it really left me in a bind. For starters, I’m a writer who was on a tight deadline (one which I missed, the next day due to the 2hour delay. I also have a 2nd job that sometimes keeps me from getting home till 10p, and when I drive home those nights I’m tired.) Last year, on this night during ACL, I took my elderly parents to dinner, then drove home to my apartment around 9:45pm. Traffic is always nuts during the festival, but that didn’t bother me. What did bother me, was that the only 2 entrances to my building’s parking garage were inaccessible. Three of the 4 streets that border my building were blockaded. The sole exposed side has no entrance at all. There may as well have been a moat around my building for 3 hours every night of ACL!

I spoke to 3 cops that night. One guarding Toomey Rd (at Lamar), one on Butler (at Lamar), and one on Josephine (at Barton Springs Rd). All 3 cops wholeheartedly agreed with me that the closures made no sense. Certainly there was no reason to block a resident with a valid ID proving she lived there! The entrance to my building was literally 10 yards from where I spoke to the first cop, on Lamar (as I tried to turn west on Toomey). There was not one pedestrian on Toomey right then, and no safety issue whatsoever, yet he refused to step aside and let me drive 10 yards west into my garage. It was maddening.

Barton Place condos are down that same street, as are the Zilker on the Park condos. Meaning hundreds of residents on my street cannot drive home between 9pm-midnight, six nights every year. To me, this is just absurd and unfair. Am I alone here? Did anyone else come up against this and does it seem like a massive and unnecessary overreach by the city?

I don’t mind most of the inconveniences of ACL, but I do believe I have a right to go home at the end of the day, without having to park my car a mile away and walk home in high heels (or in walking shoes, for that matter).