ACL, Beto, and Scooters

I must say, what a pleasant weekend. For all the complaining about the parking issues, people, traffic, noise, scooters, etc, etc…ACL was very quiet. Our street saw no issues. I didn’t hear one bit of music from our house (which i miss actually). We rode our bikes down each day (with the kiddos on Friday), and it was well run, and very enjoyable. Tons of families, teens with Beto shirts, and scooters everywhere (looks like they have wiped out the disgustingly overpriced pedicabs----who notoriously ripped people off by “charging them $10-20 per person” when they were only allowed to accept tips, and not fares. Now if we could just get a better line-up next year.

I know we only hear from the complainers, so you know C3 must be doing something right when all you hear is crickets.

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Here here! What a great ACL all around. Loved the multi modal transit. I think they should close Barton Springs completely starting at Lamar. Also, as my wife pointed out, the intersection at Lamar and Barton Springs would benefit by having a pedestrian scramble style crosswalk.

Dear God, please don’t close the major access road from downtown to Westlake for a private event. It’s bad enough to lose our park to it.

Robert, it’s six days a year, and I don’t think I’d classify it as “the major access road to Westlake” these days. (And why exactly are you so concerned about routes to Westlake in the first place? As Dan noted, access to Zilker wasn’t significantly impacted by the festival.) The Mopac to Bee Caves and Lake Austin Blvd. to Redbud routes are still readily accessible, and arguably much better as a general matter than funneling traffic down a road never designed to be a major arterial route. Also, as a reminder, this particular “private event” generates $350 million for the local economy and is attended by a large number of locals.

I actually thought BSR already was closed off during ACL (and btw I don’t do outdoor music festivals, so I haven’t seen for myself). I’m frankly surprised to hear it isn’t, given the massive amount of pedestrian traffic during the festival. (We already close off much of downtown for SXSW, as a reminder.) Anyway, I agree with JP that it should be fully closed off, excluding bikes/scooters. Btw did I hear correctly that you could ride a scooter to ACL but not back from it? If so I hope that situation is fixed by next year’s event.

Barton Springs Road is already closed through the park. I was just suggesting extending that to Lamar. Just during festival days, obviously.

It’s closed from Azzie Morton to Mopac. JP was just suggesting extending it to Lamar, which actually makes sense to me.